Date & Time
Tuesday, April 9, 2024, 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
CC4: UAI Community Conversations: Safety Analytics - Navigating Innovation and Visualization for Organizational Excellence

Topic 1: Elevating Safety Analytics: Navigating Innovative Data Strategies for Organizational Impact Session Description: Explore the dynamic landscape of safety analytics as we delve into the strategies employed by utilities to implement cutting-edge data analytics and collection methods. This session will dissect the challenges and successes encountered in the journey towards enhanced safety analytics, emphasizing key pillars such as change management, technical integration, knowledge transfer, and the critical aspect of ensuring data quality. Gain insights from industry professionals, share best practices, and discover how leveraging innovative data approaches can revolutionize safety management within your organization.

Topic 2: Envisioning Safety: Optimizing Utility Analytics for Enhanced Decision-Making Session Description:
Join us for an engaging exploration of how utility analytics professionals are revolutionizing safety insights through the optimization of data visualization, dashboarding, and reporting. Delve into real-world examples and best practices as industry leaders share their experiences in leveraging these tools to enhance enterprise understanding and drive informed decision-making for safety. Discover innovative approaches, discuss challenges, and uncover the transformative power of visualizing data to propel safety initiatives within utility organizations.