Full Name
Mike North
Job Title
Vice President of NFL Broadcast Planning & Scheduling
National Football League (NFL)
Speaker Bio
Michael North is in his 25th season with the NFL and his 22nd in the Broadcasting Department where he is part of the team that creates the playing schedule each season. North works closely with the 32 Clubs, network television partners, stadium operators, and the NFL’s International team while managing the relationships with software and hardware vendors, as well as mixed integer programming, combinatorial optimization, and predictive analytics experts, in an effort to help search through millions of permutations in pursuit of the one magical, mythical, “perfect” NFL schedule each season that satisfies all the teams and television networks. A 1992 graduate from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in computer science, Mike lives with his artist wife, three teenage sons, two dogs, and a turtle in Westchester County, NY, tantalizingly close to Hudson National Golf Club.
Mike North