UAI Events will look a little different in 2021 - we will be taking a hybrid approach to our flagship events, UA Summit and UA Week. This means that together with the 2021 event venues, we will observe necessary sanitizing and distancing measures, we plan to hold in-person events. As an additional option, you can participate in the events virtually. We will live stream some of the parts of the in-person event; as well as release virtual only content.  

We are looking for dynamic presenters with new ideas to bring to UAI event attendees. Speakers should face the same day-to-day challenges as our clients and members. We invite you to share your experiences, advice, and tried and tested strategies at one of our many events and forums.

All session proposals will be considered for a speaking slot. Solution provider session proposals will be accepted for consideration, but it is highly recommended that presentations are submitted with a customer presenting. In the event that we do not accept a Solution Provider session proposal you may be contacted by one of our account managers to talk about event sponsorship that include a breakout session.


DUE DATE: January 8, 2021