Analytics Building Blocks

It takes a horse and driver to move a cart, and the same goes for analytics. Utilities will share successes and lessons learned by the development of analytics strategy, organizational frameworks, processes and resource needs.

Foundational Analytics

The growing volume and accessibility of data is opening the door for discovery and creative problem solving at utilities. This track examines the use of descriptive analytics to understand historically what has happened, unlocking the value and opportunity with data.

Advanced Analytics

The world is being transformed each day though advanced analytics and data science. This track examines the new approaches to data science that a growing number of utilities are employing for predictive analytics, optimization, and machine learning.

Emerging Technologies

A wave of emerging technologies is taking shape to solve industry challenges with sustainability and resilience. This track will illustrate the relationship between data and emerging solutions in storage, microgrids, and renewables.

Duke Energy Showcase

This year founding UAI member and host utility, Duke Energy, will showcase different aspects of its analytics portfolio from across the enterprise. Duke is known for its aggressive stance on business transformation through new technology and is an innovator among utilities.