Full Name
Carolann Valley
Job Title
Senior Transmission Maintenance Electrical Engineer
Speaker Bio
Carolann is a Senior Transmission Maintenance Electrical Engineer dedicated to asset management, reliability planning and capacity planning. With over 10 years of experience in the electric power industry, she focuses on designing asset maintenance standards, planning asset maintenance programs, and defining maintenance strategies using end-on-life criteria of most of the main transmission network equipment. Her work have given her a deep understanding of the key role of analytics, as one of the go-to tools, to reduce vulnerability of power transmission networks and increase power system performance indices. In recent years, she has been helping business units identify what relationships among data sets deep the understanding of reliability and resilience strategies by designing, developing, and integrating various Bl systems. Her works is fuelled by a strong need to understand, optimize, and link multidisciplinary teams efforts to product development. With strong technical communications skills, Carolann has a great ability to convert a strategic plan into action and lead, technical teams, to clear goals.
Carolann Valley