Full Name
Reishin Toolsi
Job Title
Lead Energy SME
Databricks, Inc.
Speaker Bio
Reishin Toolsi is a widely recognized leader in the data industry, and has an extensive and incredible history of working with AI. His natural curiosity and thirst for more knowledge in the world of space technology has garnered him a wide range of data-driven experiences, from Software Engineering and Game Development, to producing medical diagnostic tools and collaborating with NASA on the Mars mission. He solidified his leadership skills managing multidisciplinary teams at SLB for 14 years, eventually realizing the opportunity to transfer his mastery of energy focused technology to a position working more directly with AI. Currently, he is a Senior Solutions Architect and Energy Subject Matter Expert for Databricks— an organization that offers open and accessible solutions to unify data and AI. This position has allowed him to combine his passion for AI with his expertise in the connected energy ecosystem, therefore leading the effort of simplifying the way Databricks clients access and use data. A global citizen— Reishin is originally from South Africa, but has had the opportunity to work all over the world— boasting Europe, Asia and North and South America among other regions in his history of travel. His worldly perspective has helped him build a deeper connection and greater understanding of others, which has strengthened his leadership and professionalism in both his former and current areas of business. Reishin is a forward-thinking individual that constantly strives for excellence in every project. His awareness and comprehension of the energy and space technology industries has been a focal point of his work, and he eagerly shares his knowledge with others through various speaking engagements, panelist interviews and podcasts.
Reishin Toolsi