Full Name
Norma Grubb
Job Title
Data Science Director
Speaker Bio
Norma Grubb is the Data Science & AI/GenAI Governance for Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). Norma joined PG&E in 2022 with the role of creating data science as an enterprise-wide function. Her function is responsible for two lines of work. The first one is to stand up a Center of Excellence in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in charge of creating and maintaining standards and processes that ensure implementation of high quality, scalable, and reliable artificial intelligence algorithms. This works includes governance of Generative AI and AI in general, with aspects such as enterprise adoption roadmap and risk mitigation (bias, accuracy, information and cyber protection). The second line of work is to deliver breakthrough artificial intelligence models that solve PG&E outstanding business problems for which technologies are not available yet.

Prior to joining PG&E, Norma held several roles as data science and artificial intelligence director in the manufacturing, financial, and academic sectors in the US and Canada. The impact of her work includes tens of millions of dollars in savings and productivity increase due to process automation, predictive and preventive maintenance of assets, knowledge and information management, and customer service event optimization.

Norma earned a Doctoral degree in Information Management in 2018 doing dissertation work on the language technologies that are now know as Generative Large Language Models. She also holds a master’s in information studies from the University of Texas at Austin. Adding to her corporate leadership, Norma has also held guest lecturer appointments at Syracuse University (NY) and Purdue University (IN) teaching Applied Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.
Norma Grubb