501: Discussion Forum - Electric Vehicle Adoption Patterns and Forecasting
Date & Time
Thursday, April 6, 2023, 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM
Julie Black Boji Ma Shelly Hagerman

VIN registration data is used to identify trends and shifts in adoption patterns from 2012 to present. This database has broad application and has been used effectively to inform and guide legislative and regulatory policy decisions and provide accurate information for a variety of internal and external purposes.

EV adoptions are forecasted based on demographics, available models and programs or incentives with three trends developed. Baseline trend is a model-based forecast in partnership with EVAdoption and reflects the availability of models and Oklahoma adoption trends. High-Growth Scenario is based on adoptions required to meet climate change objectives which would lead to 98% electric vehicles in operation by 2058. Low-Growth Scenario is based on an assumption of lower adoptions and resistance in adoptions of electric trucks. Forecasted trend is then extended to the circuit level to further analyze future grid impacts.

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Mary Lou Williams
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Customer Analytics, Grid Analytics
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Panel Discussion
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