104: Advanced Analytics, The Role/Impact of Exponential Technologies
Date & Time
Wednesday, May 11, 2022, 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM
Frank Hoss Josh Power

The electric utility industry is facing some very transformative challenges.  There is a growing energy demand, combined with the adoption of environmental policies and regulations to combat climate change resulting from carbon emissions.  Along with this growing demand, consumers expect greater reliability, i.e., fewer outages/momentaries, and higher quality for digital devices.  Many believe that the resulting climate changes have brought about the more frequent natural disasters, from major weather events such as hurricanes, tropical storms, and tornados, to fires and flooding events.   The adoption of sustainability (e.g., carbon emissions, water use, diversity, equity and inclusion, anti-corruption, and safety) practices by companies to be socially responsible requires that electric utilities be a be a major player in environmental stewardship, to rethink their power generation and distribution of electricity.  Ensuring security against cyber-attacks has become a clear priority and needs to be addressed.  These challenges are leading to the recognition by both the consumers and utilities that smart energy decisions have to be made, and near real-time availability and analysis of data can drive energy consumption management, and efficient grid operations.   

This session will focus on the following areas: 

  • Changes in data & insights, and customer/operational needs 
  • The role of exponential technologies (5G, Edge Computing, IoT, AI, Hybrid Cloud) in analytics 
  • Advanced analytics capabilities supporting future customer-facing/grid automation (e.g., DG, DER, EV, energy efficiency - device-level real-time energy usage) 
  • Agility and managing the complexity of systems integration to harvest needed data to support analytics 
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Breakout Session
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