601: Distributed Energy Resource Optimization Technology for Electric Vehicles
Date & Time
Thursday, May 12, 2022, 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM
Mark Braby

The transition towards a highly electrified and decarbonized energy future is well under way. EV charging represents a significant increase in residential and commercial loads. And because EV adoption is often clustered within a utility distribution network, these sharp local increases in load – when uncontrolled – can strain distribution transformers and other distribution assets leading to reduced asset life. The ability to control when and how EVs are charging, either by staggering or throttling down charging within the framework of a residential DER program or fleet management program, can significantly reduce the risk of transformer failure by minimizing transformer overloads. Multivariate optimization techniques are highly effective in providing control instructions to DERM solutions which manage load. In this session, we explore optimization model examples and their use within commercial fleet management systems and residential EV control systems.

Session Takeaways: 


  • Understand the variable types associated with optimization models for EV charging
  • Identify model constraints that effectively contribute to optimization models for EV charging
  • Assess the value of optimization in EV charging control as it applies to their utility
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Breakout Session
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