202: Unpacking the Data Ecosystem for Launching, Maintaining, and Scaling Owned Digital Twin Solutions
Date & Time
Wednesday, May 11, 2022, 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM
Gabe Prado Georg Baecker

Adapting to the rapidly accelerating energy transition requires putting data to work more efficiently to model, simulate, and predict operational change. As the perfect frame to use data to find, navigate, and understand IT/OT/ET data, digital twins are an ideal solution and must become ubiquitous across the value chain- capable of representing networks, assets, and sites. But today, the process for launching and maintaining digital twins is complex and expensive due to challenges with how data is composed, contextualized, and maintained. Today, accelerating and driving more value from a digital twin-based strategy carries new requirements in data management, digital twin-specific tooling, and governance process. In this session, Cognite and partners will unpack the requirements for the digital twin launch pad and will use examples from customers and case studies to demonstrate how the process can and must change in order to deliver the future of energy.

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Breakout Session
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