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Do You Know How to Solve A Problem That Has No Precedent?

Today’s Utility Analytic Leader must demonstrate an expertise in understanding data and advanced analytics while utilizing cutting-edge tools to help optimize their utility business processes.

A company membership with The Utility Analytics Institute (UAI) provides you the ability to:

  • Maximize the Value of Your Data Asset – Join forces with fellow utility leaders and gain valuable insight on how to use advanced analytics to transform and optimize your business processes.
  • Discover New Insights to Make Better Business Decisions and Satisfy Customers – Networking with colleagues you’ll learn how to best manage information and use analytics to make better and more informed strategic and operational business decisions!


Membership Benefits

8 out of 10 of the largest utilities in the U.S. are UAI members

Membership in The Utility Analytics Institute doubled in 2014 and went up 30% in 2015

A Utility Analytics Institute membership is one of the most effective and efficient tools in building your analytics program.

To discuss how a membership plan with The Institute will directly benefit your company, call

A Utility Analytics Institute membership is one of the most effective and efficient tools in building your analytics program.  Make an Investment in You and Your Company’s Utility Analytics Program…It ALL Begins With A Company Membership

Mike Risner

Mike Risner

Richard Hanson

Richard Hanson

Connect and Engage With Over 50 Utilities


To Make Your Analytics Program More Robust, Connect With Those Already Doing It!

Bill Bell“Being part of the Utility Analytics Institute community has provided us with the opportunity to hear and learn best practices and avoid roadblocks that others have experienced. Membership has provided invaluable insight to the C-Level executives, enabling our analytics organization to grow. The Institute’s Working Group Sessions, Events, Research and the Newsletter help us stay current. The utility industry will become data driven just like the rest of society, and being a member of the Institute allows a utility leaders and practitioners to learn from others and to share experiences so that they will be enabled to grow into data-driven organizations.”

—Bill Bell,
Technology Director Analytics & Data Services
CenterPoint Energy

Energy Central New Content & Community Platform

Energy Central announces our public community for Utility Analytics professionals. Our goal is to provide the industry with an easy-to-use platform to share knowledge and expertise. This new platform allows members to post articles, share links to interesting resources and even ask questions related to Utility Analytics. The community is a great place to build the brand of YOU, and network with other industry professionals. Visit the community. If your company is interested in learning about sponsorship opportunities, contact Mark Johnson at 303-228-4721 or email mjohnson@energycentral.